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Our Story

Our dedicated thought leaders joined experienced clinicians and behavioral health specialists to create a new recovery path for overcoming the constraints of mental health disorders. They envisioned a compassionate treatment center center to ignite ones mental health journey. Their goal was not just to treat mental health, but to help those who walk through our doors, to leave with the confidence and tools necessary to live an incredible life.

Renewal Oasis emerged from these ideas, prioritizing a program that uncovers why you strive for a better, healthier, and mentally healthy life. Armed with purpose, finding your way becomes possible. Through thought-provoking questions, they trigger thoughts and emotions that unveil your positive essence, acknowledging your uniqueness.

Understanding your distinct journey, they maintain a high staff-to-resident ratio. This ensures tailored support from doctors, behavioral health specialists, counselors, and those who have triumphed over mental health disorders themselves. Renewal Oasis believes that once you uncover your “why,” finding your way becomes clear.

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Living room at Renewal Oasis Behavioral Health center in Palm Desert California

Renewal Philosophy

We believe that within each of us lies a pure dimension, eager to lead a healthy, dignified life. This energy remains dormant until we tap into it. Often, we experience hardships to realize its presence. Yet, when we align with this powerful aspect of our psyche and nurture it, it transforms into our guiding light, shaping our behavior and values. This journey is both liberating and euphoric.

However, our challenges and urges don’t vanish; the struggle persists. Yet, having encountered our inner recovery spirit, we face these trials with newfound strength. With faith and confidence in our reborn identity of recovery, we continue to conquer, empowered by this inner force.

Letter from the CEO

Welcome to Renewal; a family of Treatment Centers dedicated to changing the landscape of recovery.

Our current generation confronts an unparalleled crisis of untreated mental health, affecting millions of lives without discrimination. The severity of this issue is causing a rising number of homelessness, physical illness and even deaths every year.

Renewal Oasis was established with a dream of delivering patient-focused care rooted in professionalism, akin to other healthcare fields. Our team comprises carefully chosen healthcare experts who have dedicated themselves to providing therapeutic recovery from mental health disorders with a strong emphasis on achieving results.

At Renewal, we commit to exhaustively crafting personalized treatment plans to ensure lasting recovery from mental health conditions for you or your loved ones. Through our distinctive aftercare and life skills program, our alumni become integral parts of the Renewal family.

United, we have the power to conquer mental health disorders.


JD Kalmenson

JD Kalmenson CEO of Renewal Oasis Behavioral Health in Palm Springs, California