Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Palm Springs, California

Do you have difficulty living in the moment and coping well with stress? Many mental illnesses include symptoms like this and cause people to have difficulty controlling their emotions. Renewal Oasis believes that a big part of what makes treatment for mental health disorders meet the needs of each person is learning to use effective behaviors. As a result, we include dialectical behavior therapy on our roster of therapy modalities. Our residential program allows people to take advantage of this life-changing therapy along with other types that ease symptoms of poor mental health. Our skilled therapists use their years of experience to provide dialectical behavior therapy for those who can benefit from it.

About Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy is a modified version of cognitive behavioral therapy that has come into play as an evidence-based way to treat several mental health disorders. It can be used in individual counseling or as part of group therapy with several people. 

Therapists use dialectical behavior therapy to help teach people how to live in the moment. A symptom of many mental health disorders involves an inability to regulate a person’s emotions. Instead of calming observing a situation and reacting in an evidence-based manner, the person often strikes out at themselves or others. They may act irrationally, negatively, or out of proportion to the situation. These reactions become familiar to them, and they have difficulty learning to break the habit. 

Dialectical behavior therapy helps people learn to take a step back and observe and interpret situations and emotions as they occur. They live in the moment and have a more balanced view of what’s going on in their minds and around them. As a result, they develop healthy coping skills that aid them in dealing with stress and regulating their emotions. The individual approaches situations with a calmer mindset, which often contributes to healthier relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. 

A study done in Berlin found that patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) who used dialectical behavior therapy experienced tremendous improvement in their conditions. They reduced the severity of their BPD and had fewer instances of inpatient hospital stays and self-injury. After one year of treatment, 77% of the patients in the study no longer met the criteria for BPD. Other studies indicate that using dialectical behavior therapy provides significant benefits for many people struggling with other mental illnesses. This includes improved emotional regulation, improved ability to function socially, and less suicidal ideation.

The benefits of dialectical behavior therapy

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What Does Dialectical Behavior Therapy Treat?

Originally developed to treat borderline personality disorder, dialectical behavior therapy has become an effective way to treat other mental health disorders. The disorders it treats includes: 

Borderline personality disorder: DBT reduces the inability to regulate emotions and helps improve social skills.

Anxiety disordersLearning mindfulness and distress tolerance helps people tackle their feelings of anxiety rather than enter “fight or flight” mode.

DepressionDialectical behavior therapy helps people differentiate between what they can and cannot change. This reduces distress and despair common with depression and provides tools to cope with and improve symptoms of the illness.

Bipolar disorderDBT teaches the person to regulate their emotions instead of feeling helpless to control them and reduces impulsive urges to act in unhealthy or dangerous ways.

Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderHelps people with PTSD tolerate stress without automatically being triggered and teaches them to replace maladaptive behaviors.

Eating disorders: Teaches people to recognize faulty thinking related to food and body size, tolerate stress related to them, and adopt healthy behaviors.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Helps people with ADHD achieve a better balance between their impulses and their behaviors. 

Substance use disorders: Teaches people in recovery from addiction to regulate their urges to use drugs or alcohol again by using logic instead of reacting emotionally. 

Veterans Issues: Allows veterans who have difficulty coping with emotions and memories to learn to regulate their emotions and reduce dysfunctional behaviors. 

Dialectical behavioral therapy at Renewal Oasis

Choosing DBT at Renewal Oasis

When someone attends our residential program, they have options for several types of therapy. Our therapists meet with each person when they arrive to help determine their diagnosis and provide a treatment plan. Those staying with us at Renewal Oasis have the option of choosing to use dialectical behavior therapy in their plan. A therapist trained in using this type of therapy will meet with them and guide them through the process. One of the benefits of dialectical behavior therapy is that it helps a person learn coping skills and new ways of thinking that can last a lifetime. The individual can practice their newly developed skills during therapy time, as well as between sessions. They can then use what they learned to help them when life presents challenges long after they leave our program. 

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Have you tried getting help for a mental health disorder but found the results were less than you needed? Sometimes the missing piece of the puzzle is trying a new type of therapy. Renewal Oasis offers dialectical behavior therapy as part of a menu of therapy choices to help treat different kinds of mental illnesses. We believe using evidence-based approaches helps people understand the nature of their illness and how it affects their lives. From there, we teach them to develop new ways of thinking and healthy new coping skills.

Contact us now to discuss how using dialectical behavior therapy can change your life. Our friendly admissions staff can answer any questions you have about our program and provide a free insurance check.