Holistic Therapy

Have you heard about the great results people get using holistic therapy but aren’t sure how it works? Modern practitioners who work in the field of mental health often employ the use of holistic therapy to help people heal themselves in more than one way. This decades-old practice approaches the healing process as being three-pronged. In other words, it strives to help a person become healthier in mind, body, and spirit. When a person achieves balance in all three areas, it helps them reduce their symptoms of poor mental health. For this reason, Renewal Oasis includes holistic therapy in our roster of highly effective therapy modalities. It helps people with a variety of mental illnesses better understand themselves and achieve the treatment goals they set.

What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy sets as its goal the ability to obtain balance in a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual selves. It uses different activities to help achieve balance among the three areas. It is often used to treat mental health disorders and substance use disorders when a person attends a treatment program. The use of holistic therapy practices can also be continued after formal treatment concludes. 

Many people who have a mental illness experience symptoms that are physical, emotional, and spiritual. For example, someone with anxiety or PTSD may feel anxious (emotional), experience shakiness (physical), and have difficulty believing that they can heal and move on to a better life (spiritual). The right holistic practices can help them improve in all three areas. 

Holistic therapy can be used on its own or as a complementary therapy combined with talk or other traditional therapies. It can also be done as a partner to taking prescription medications to help improve symptoms of mental health disorders. 

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Types of Holistic Therapy

Many types of holistic therapy can be practiced. Which kind a person should use depends on their diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment goals. It also depends on which type the treatment facility they attend provides. Common types of holistic therapy and how they help include:


The use of physical posturing and breath control helps reduce anxiety, improve moods, and increase mental clarity. 

Art & Dance Therapy

These creative activities provide an outlet for self-expression for people who have trouble communicating emotions and fears verbally.

Music Therapy

The power of music helps people address and express their emotions. It aids in stress relief and improves moods. 


The dramatic arts allow people to identify and express their emotions and experiences in a safe environment. It builds self-awareness and allows for emotional healing.


This teaches people to be aware in the moment at all times, reduce the tendency to stress out, and improve emotional regulation.


Promotes the ability to relax, concentrate, reduce stress, and regulate emotions. 

Equine Therapy

Working with horses helps create the ability to trust and be emotionally aware. It also helps build communication skills and improve self-esteem.

Nutrition and Exercise Counseling

Proper nutrition and regular exercise promote good mental health in general. It releases anxiety and helps improve moods. 


Controlling your breathing helps reduce stress, provide emotional balance, and calm the nervous system.


Acupuncture is generally pain-free and helps balance the body’s energy. It helps relieve anxiety and depression by making a person feel more relaxed.  


Practitioners of Reiki channel healing energy in a person’s body that reduces anxiety, unblocks emotional stoppages, and provides a sense of peace. 

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Is Holistic Therapy Better Than Traditional Therapies?

Holistic therapy shouldn’t be thought of as better or worse than other therapies. It can work on its own or in conjunction with other types of therapy, such as individual or group therapy. Many people find it adds to their ability to heal in a way that traditional therapies don’t. Traditional therapies mostly zero in on improving the emotional symptoms of mental illness. Holistic therapy adds that extra ability to view the person as being made up of more than one part and healing them in a balanced way. Anyone interested in holistic therapy should talk to their treatment provider to discuss what the best approach is for their specific situation.

Why Do People Usually Seek Holistic Therapy?

Someone who engages in holistic therapy may do so for a variety of reasons. They may use traditional therapy but feel they aren’t getting the full results they want. Some people use only holistic therapy because it meets their needs. For some, the appeal lies in having a menu of types of holistic therapy to choose from so they can find the ones that best fit their interests. Finally, holistic therapy does not require the use of any medications, which can be appealing to many. 

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Have you sought treatment for a mental health disorder but haven’t gotten the rich results you want? Too often, a treatment provider or facility relies on just one type of therapy and leaves their clients wanting more. Renewal Oasis offers world-class care that encompasses several types of therapy. We believe that holistic therapy enables people to reach higher summits when it comes to improving their mental health. Our skilled therapy team uses its training to help people align their minds, bodies, and spirits so they experience a totality of healing.

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