Partial Hospitalization Program in Palm Springs, CA

Someone seeking treatment for a mental health disorder has lots of options for different levels of care. For many, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers exactly what they need to make real progress. Renewal Oasis offers a partial hospitalization program in Palm Springs, CA, that gives people a full schedule of valuable therapy sessions without requiring them to move into a residential treatment center. We understand what it takes to connect with people and help guide them through the therapeutic process. With our help, people learn to overcome many of the symptoms of mental health disorders and enjoy more satisfying and productive lives. 

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program is the highest level of care of the outpatient treatment plans. It can be the right first step in receiving care for mental health disorders or be the place people who have completed residential care transition to as their next step. Outpatient care provides the highest level of treatment available outside of a residential facility. It includes a structured menu of therapy appointments for several hours per day for five to seven days per week. Once a person graduates from PHP, they often move to a lower level of outpatient care that requires less time attending therapy sessions.

Renewal Oasis partial hospitalization program in Palm Springs CA

What to Expect at Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Palm Springs, CA

Each person who seeks treatment begins by having a thorough assessment done to understand their mental health and what behaviors and emotions need addressing. From there, a schedule of therapy sessions is created that fills their week with valuable appointments that focus on their exact needs. We provide a true partnership with people who attend our partial hospitalization program in Palm Springs, CA. Our staff of clinical experts helps people discover their own power to improve their mental health. They learn to make objective, sound choices in how to handle their illnesses and reduce symptoms whenever possible.

The goal of PHP is to reach a state of mind in which a person is not in a state of crisis and can reduce the number of sessions they need each week. The individual learns healthy coping techniques that allow them to feel better emotionally and physically.

What We Treat at Our PHP

Our palm Springs PHP programs offer focused care for a variety of mental health disorders. The types of mental illnesses treated through a PHP treatment facility include the following:

In the event someone has been diagnosed with more than one mental health disorder, the PHP staff can still treat them. In fact, symptoms of different mental illnesses often overlap and can be addressed simultaneously.

Types of Therapy at Our Palm Springs Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program in Palm Springs, CA, centers around providing different types of therapy that help treat a diverse population of people. Because we understand exactly what challenges each person we treat experiences, we can match them with the right types of therapy for their unique situation. The kinds of therapy sessions we provide include the following:

Benefits of Attending Our PHP in Palm Springs, California

Too often, someone with a mental illness does not understand they have a treatable disease. Alternatively, they may know what’s wrong but feel scared or embarrassed to ask for help. Beginning a PHP program helps eliminate needless suffering. It allows people to put a name to their disorder and begin to make real progress in feeling better.

Another benefit involves the fact that PHP provides many of the intensive types of therapies used in residential treatment programs. However, the person does not have to move into a facility to receive them. They can attend their sessions during the daytime and return to their homes at night. 

Many benefits can be gained when someone has access to prescription medications that help improve mental illnesses. Our clinicians discuss with our clients what symptoms they experience and prescribe FDA-approved drugs to help minimize them. Someone who has fewer symptoms of disorders such as anxiety and depression usually finds they can concentrate more fully on making progress in their therapy sessions.

Contact Renewal Oasis Partial Hospitalization Program in Palm Springs, CA

Are you ready to begin treatment for a mental health disorder and think a PHP plan is the right choice for you? Renewal Oasis created a partial hospitalization program in Palm Springs, CA, that allows people to achieve true growth and vastly improve their mental health. Our staff of caring, compassionate mental health counselors works with each person to bring out their strengths. A full schedule of therapy sessions coupled with any necessary prescription medications allows people to make progress in healing. 

Contact us today to start a conversation about how a PHP treatment plan can help you set and meet your goals for improved mental health. You can start your healing process today.