Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Palm Springs, California

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps people understand their emotions and how their thought processes influence their behavior. As a result, they can reframe how they act and react and enjoy a calmer sense of being in their daily lives. When you decide to seek help for a mental health disorder, you want to find a place that offers a variety of types of therapies such as CBT. The staff should be trained to conduct traditional and modern therapy modalities to ensure you have choices that boost your ability to heal. Renewal Oasis recognizes how beneficial cognitive behavioral therapy is when it comes to treating several types of mental illnesses. For this reason, we offer it as an option at our residential center.

Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The American Psychological Association states that studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy has proven to be as effective or more effective than other forms of therapy and psychiatric medications for many people. This therapy is based on principles that include identifying faulty, negative, or unhealthy ways people think. Many mental health disorders are fueled by a person’s reliance on these unproductive thoughts. Learning to change them is key to their healing. During cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, the individual learns to recognize when they are having negative thoughts and how they impact the way they feel and behave. 

Strategies used include looking at the person’s thoughts from a neutral point of view and asking themselves if they are based on reality. For example, someone with an anxiety disorder might think they cannot perform a task or go somewhere without dissolving into an anxiety attack. They can stop themselves and ask if this is a fear-based thought or evidence-based. From there, they can problem-solve by preparing to handle the anxiety when and if it develops. As the individual works through these thoughts and finds they can influence a positive result, they build confidence in themselves. 

In a sense, the person learns to become their own therapist when faced with challenges between sessions and after completing a therapy program. They learn to analyze and switch negative thinking to something based on the truth of each situation. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been referred to as the gold standard of psychological treatment. At Renewal Oasis, we believe it’s important to offer this option to the people we treat.

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Mental Health Disorders that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treats

One of the tremendous benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy lies in how many different mental health disorders it can help treat. Using CBT can help with the following diagnoses:

Depression: People with depression feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions. CBT treats depression by breaking negative thoughts down into more identifiable parts that can be addressed individually. 

Anxiety disorders: CBT treats anxiety by helping the person break the habit of automatically reacting with fear and form new, calmer habits.

PTSD: CBT treats PTSD by reducing the severity and frequency of negative responses and triggers.

Eating disorders: CBT is considered to be an effective treatment for bulimia and binge eating disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: This type of therapy helps people identify and reinterpret their unrealistic thoughts and experience decreased anxiety and compulsion to use behaviors. 

Substance use disorders: CBT teaches people with addiction to problem-solve so they can resist the urge to relapse. 

Bipolar disorder: People with this illness tend to react without thought. CBT helps them identify negative reactions and become more objective in how they interpret people and situations in their lives. 

Schizophrenia: CBT helps people identify and challenge beliefs and behaviors that often lead to negative actions. 

In many cases, a person has more than one mental health disorder or they have one coupled with a substance use disorder. Using cognitive behavioral therapy can help address and reduce the symptoms and behaviors of more than one condition. It also helps people save time and money when participating in this therapy and enjoy the healing power it provides for multiple diagnoses.

Cognitive behavioral therapy at Renewal Oasis in Palm Springs, CA

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Renewal Oasis Work?

Anyone attending the residential program at Renewal Oasis can choose to add cognitive behavioral therapy to their individualized treatment plan. A consultation with a therapist will help determine if this type of therapy sounds promising. If so, it will become part of a menu of other types of therapy the person will attend. When someone takes advantage of multiple therapy modalities, it helps them develop healthy coping skills in more than one area. They can put them into practice while in the residential program, and then use them after they graduate. 

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Are you interested in learning more about how cognitive behavioral therapy can improve the symptoms of poor mental health you experience? Our therapists train extensively to understand how to provide this valuable therapy. This allows you to understand better how your thoughts influence your feelings and behavior. With our guidance, these lessons can be applied and help you achieve balance in your life that was previously missing. 

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