Depression Treatment Center in Palm Desert, California

Living with depression often leaves a person feeling like they are just going through the motions and not truly experiencing life. It can feel difficult to believe that you can feel hope and joy again, but it’s possible when you receive the right treatment for your exact needs. Renewal Oasis operates a depression treatment center in California that employs modern methods of therapy that make a real difference. We get to know each person we care for and design a program that improves their symptoms. We also offer access to prescription medications that allow you to feel like your old self again.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder that is the most common type of mood disorder. It is characterized by consistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness that a person cannot control. Someone with depression loses interest in their daily activities and is unable to feel emotions like joy and the ability to look forward to the future.

About Our Depression Treatment Center in California

Our depression treatment center in Palm Desert, California is not like every other facility. We believe that each person experiences depression in their own way and deserves an individualized treatment plan. At Renewal Oasis get to know each person we treat so we understand the symptoms they live with and can set treatment goals. We employ a highly experienced staff of therapists and other mental health experts who devote their careers to helping people manage their mental health. Our team provides compassionate care that helps people change their lives for the better.

Our residential center offers luxuries not often found at other facilities. Renewal Oasis Behavioral Health is located in an inviting, homelike building with modern furnishings. We provide welcoming common areas for people to gather in and comfortable beds in the private areas. Renewal Oasis has a private chef who creates tasty and healthy cuisine for each meal. In addition, residents can take advantage of a scenic outdoor area and a sparkling swimming pool.

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Types of Depression Treatment

There are two main levels of care for treating depression. The first is residential and requires a person to live temporarily at a facility while they focus on healing their mental health. Our depression treatment center in California provides a residential center that feels more like a home than a clinic. When someone stays with us, they can leave behind the stressors of daily life and put all their energy into being taken care of and attending therapy sessions. We also build in downtime so each person can relax and refresh themselves.

The other main level of care is outpatient programming. With this option, the person can live in their own home or supportive housing and travel to our facility for their daytime therapy sessions. There are three different types of outpatient programming, and an assessment of each person we treat will help us decide which one is right for them. The outpatient levels of  care include:

Outpatient programs range in terms of the time commitment required for each one. A regular outpatient program may consist of just a few therapy appointments per week, while IOP and PHP sessions take place several days per week and range from half a day to all day. An advantage of outpatient programming is that the person still has time away from the facility to tend to personal responsibilities.

Therapy Options for Depression at Our California Treatment Center

One of the main keys to easing the symptoms of depression lies in being exposed to multiple types of therapy. While some people can overcome depression completely, others may find they deal with it long-term. In either case, participating in several therapy modalities helps them minimize their symptoms and improve their moods. Our depression treatment center in California offers the following types of therapy:

Individual therapy: A valuable relationship is established between the therapist and patient that allows each person to discuss their emotions, behaviors, and ways to heal their depression.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy helps people identify their negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors common with depression and replace them with positive ones. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: DBT teaches people to regulate their emotions and develop healthy coping skills to keep depression from overrunning their lives.

Group therapy: A therapist leads a small group of people who experience depression and helps them learn to give and receive valuable peer support. 

Family therapy: A therapist guides a family to help them understand what depression feels like and how they can best support their loved one.

Trauma therapy: Depression is often rooted in having experienced a traumatic event. Trauma therapy helps the person address and resolve the results of their trauma and begin to heal their resulting depression.

Holistic therapy: This method of therapy embraces the concept that a person must heal in three areas of their life: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy: EMDR involves a therapist who instructs a patient to use specific eye movements while discussing past traumatic events. Many people find this helps them resolve the event that led to depression and improve their symptoms.

Neurofeedback: This drug-free, non-invasive therapy helps people learn to regulate their brain activity and improve their symptoms of depression. 

Begin Depression Treatment in Palm Desert, California

Do you suffer from depression and want to know how to overcome it and feel happy again? Renewal Oasis Behavioral Health created a depression treatment center here in California that teaches you the tools to overcome your symptoms and rejoin life with renewed enthusiasm. Our therapists and other mental health experts create a program of therapies that address the exact needs you have. We partner with you to help you rise above depression in a meaningful and long-lasting way. 

If you would like to know more about which one of our treatment programs will work best for you, contact us today. Our friendly admissions staff would like to provide you with the answers you need.