Mental Health Therapy Services in Palm Desert, California

The key to improving anyone’s mental health is having access to multiple types of therapies. Renewal Oasis chose the most effective kinds of therapy as part of our mental health services in Palm Desert, CA. The people we treat can take advantage of different kinds of individual, group, and holistic therapies that foster a real opportunity for healing. We match each person to the right programs for them and help them discover their power to heal from mental health disorders.

About Our Mental Health Services in Palm Desert, California

Modern mental health services offer the most up-to-date therapies available. Renewal Oasis in Palm Desert, CA understands the importance of exposing people to several types of therapy to give them the ability to truly improve their mental health. 

Individual Therapy

The therapist meets one-on-one with the individual and helps them learn to discuss and process their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Family Therapy

Families come together under the direction of a therapist to learn to understand mental illness, develop stronger communication, and support their loved ones.

Trauma Therapy

This benefits people who have experienced trauma and need help overcoming symptoms such as flashbacks and anxiety.

Neurofeedback Therapy

A non-invasive practice of determining how a person’s brain reacts to certain stimulus and how they can alter it to help improve their mental health.

Benefits of Our Palm Desert Mental Health Services

Many people seek out mental health services in Palm Springs for a variety of reasons. One reason is the central location of our facility. Palm Desert which is within Palm Springs, California, makes our program ideal for people interested in treatment in this area. Palm Springs contains some of the most scenic areas in the country. Some people who live in the area enjoy staying close to home while seeking treatment. Alternatively, many people find it beneficial to travel out of town to receive focused care. Getting away from their home life can offer a real opportunity to focus on healing their mental health.

Our staff understands the importance of building bonds with each person we treat. For this reason, our treatment is discreet and compassionate, and creates hope for everyone who wants to find help for their mental health disorder. Our combination of therapies and any prescription medications needed forms a powerful way to improve a person’s symptoms of illnesses including bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

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Are you in need of mental health services in Palm Desert, California? Renewal Oasis operates multi-disciplinary programs that provide residential and outpatient care on several levels. We employ a staff of highly trained mental health experts who use their skills and compassion to bring out the best in the people we treat. With our guidance, you can learn to understand the intricacies of your mental health disorder and how to start healing. We provide several types of therapy and a menu of prescription medications to elevate your ability to feel better.

Contact us today to find out more about our therapy services. We are happy to answer any questions you have.