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Depression is an all-encompassing illness that can enter anyone’s life and leave them feeling hopeless. The good news is that you can find quality treatment that helps improve your mood and find your way back to the light. Renewal Oasis provides access to a staff of highly skilled therapists who use their expertise to help people get relief from the symptoms of depression. We offer a powerful combination of evidence-based therapies that allow you to feel better and rediscover the joy of living. We see each person for the individual they are and help them overcome the limits of depression.

What Does Depression Feel Like?

Depression is an overwhelming feeling of sadness and hopelessness that pervades a person’s emotions. They lose the ability to feel enthusiasm for daily events and hobbies and find the illness impacts their personal relationships. Depression causes a person to have difficulty feeling joy or even a day-to-day satisfaction in life. They often cry, isolate, and either find they cannot sleep enough or they sleep too much. 

Can Depression Be Cured?

Whether or not depression can be cured depends on a few factors. For some people, receiving professional counseling and using prescription medications helps them work through specific issues that caused the onset of depression. They can overcome the illness and put it behind them. Other people find that depression is a lifelong illness and they benefit by engaging in residential or outpatient treatment and medication usage. A therapist can help the person understand which situation applies to them and work toward achieving the best treatment goals for them.

Does Depression Make You Tired?

One of the most common symptoms of depression is fatigue. Many people find that whether or not they get enough sleep, they feel an overwhelming sense of being tired. 

How Long Does Depression Last?

How long depression lasts depends on a few factors. Some people cycle through periods of depressive feelings that last weeks or months, and then feel a temporary upswing in their mood. Others find that they constantly exist in a state of depression. When a person does not seek treatment for their depression, it can continue for years or decades. If the individual has depression that can be cured, how long it takes to overcome it depends on how severe it is and how much treatment they participate in. 

Is Depression Genetic?

Depression can be genetic in nature in many cases. Studies done on twins indicate that if one sibling has depression, the other is much more likely to develop it. In fact, it is likely that in as many as half of all cases of depression, genetics contribute to the risk factor of developing it. Other reasons can factor in, including life events, making it difficult to know exactly how much genetics contribute to a specific person.

Can Depression Cause Memory Loss?

Depression can definitely cause memory loss. It mostly affects a person’s short-term memory, rather than long-term memory. If the individual also has anxiety, this can compound memory loss. Memory loss can affect a person’s personal life and doing well on the job or in school.

Is Depression a Disease?

Depression is a mental health disorder and is considered a serious medical illness. Many people use the terms “disorder” and “disease” interchangeably, which can cause confusion about how to define depression. A disorder is classified as a condition that causes damage or disruption to a person’s mental or physical functioning. Conversely, a disease is considered a sickness related specifically to the body. For this reason, mental health professionals typically refer to depression as a disorder rather than a disease. 

What to Say to Someone Who is Depressed

People with depression often feel unheard and benefit from knowing they can open up and talk to someone. If you know someone with depression, let them know you are available to listen to them and would like to help them. Remind them that they have a mental health disorder that is not their fault. Offer to help them find treatment, drive them to appointments, or help with simple tasks around the house. Knowing they are not alone and someone wants to help them can make a real difference.

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Have you struggled with depression and don’t know how to take the first step to get better? Have you sought help before but found it didn’t give you lasting relief from your symptoms? Renewal Oasis Behavioral Health created a program to treat depression that features multiple types of therapies that make a real difference in your emotions. Our structured care includes access to prescription medications that minimize the symptoms of depression. Together, we work to help you regain good mental health and get excited about your life again.

To find out more about how we can help you overcome depression, contact us today. Life can get better with the help of our compassionate, effective treatment.